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(34) 10th. Q. With whom did Nancy Denson live after the death of Jack Cherry? A. I dont know. 11th Q. Did she continue to reside in that neighborhood? A. No not after the death of the old man Cherry. 12th Q. Do you know how long after jack Cheery's death Nancy Denson lived at Mr. Cherry's house? A. I do not. 13th. Q. Who took charge of Mr. Jack Cherry's house or resided there after his death? A. I dont know. 14th. Q. Why is it you dont know? A. Because I dont know. When old man Jack Cherry living I used to go there on errans and after his after his death I hardly ever went there. 15th. Q. You have stated in your direct examination that Jo-hn Denson lived with Jack Cherry his grandfather, where did John Denson live after Cherry died? A. I dont know. 16th. Q. Is it not a fact that John Denson lived many years after Jack Cherry's death? A. I dont know how long he lived after the old man Jack's death. 17th. Q. Are you prepared to say that John Denson did not after the death of Jack Cherry keep a house and hire help and manage a farm? A. No I am not prepared to say. 18th. Q. Why are you not prepared to say. A. Because I was working about in the sawpmps and cutting wood in different places and I did not go down there and when old man Cherry was living I used to go there, so this question I dont know anything about. 19th. Q. You have stated in your direct examination that George Joiner senior lived at the head of the creek with Lewis Udley his brother in law, how do you make out that Lewis Udley was his brother in l