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(43) was claiming to be the son of George Joiner, deceased at the time you made the improvements and before? A. I knew nothing about his claims at all. 8th. Q. Did you never hear that he was the son of George Joiner senior? A. I have heard recently that he claimed it. 9th. Q. Did you not know that the plaintiff lived in the house of George Joiner, deceased with your wife as the son of George Joiner deceased A. No. 10th. Q. Do you mean to say that your wife never informed you of that fact? A. Never before the matter was discussed when this suit was brought. And further this deponent sayeth not. Signed Lawson Ealy NOTE. It is hereby agreed by counsel for plaintiff and defendant that as a matter of fact, the Nancy Denson referred to in these proceedings died in the year eighteen hundred and sixty four at Pig Point in Nansemond County, Virginia having resided there some time. No other witnesses appearing the further taking of these depositions is continued until Wednesday the 16th. day of January, A. D. 1901. at the residence of Jenetta L. Culpepper in Norfolk County, Virginia at the same hour. William H Stewart Commissioner in Chancery.