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(44) (Copy of deposition of Jenetta L. Culpepper agreed upon) Deposition taken January 16th, 1901.at residence of deponent in Norfolk County. Present, G. F. Edwards for defendant Wm. M. Reid for plaintiff. Jenetta L. Culpepper being duly sworn deposeth and sayeth as follows: 1st. Q. What is your age and where do you reside? A. I am in my 85th, age and I live on South Branch of Elizabeth river, in Norfolk County. 2d. Q. Did you know one Nancy Denson referred to in the proceedings in this case and if so how long did you know her? A. I knew Nancy Denson and I knew her from a little girl up to the time that she left this neighborhood. She lived about half a mile from this place. 3d. Q. With whom did she live? A. She lived with her mistress Mrs. Matilda Denson, who was mother of John Denson. 4th. Q. Did you know Mr. Jack Cherry? A. Yes Sir, perfectly well. 5th Q. What relation was he to Mrs. Matilda Denson? A. Her father. 6th. Q. Where did he live? A. They all lived there togeather about half a mile from this place. 7th. Q. Was Nancy denson a married woman? A. Yes sir. 8th. Q. What was her husbands name? A. They called him Sam Culpepper. 9th. Q. Did she ever have any other husband while she lived in this neighborhood? A. No Sir, not while she was in this neighborhood. 10thQ. If she had lived with any other man as husband and wife, while living in this neighborhood, would you have been likely to have known it?