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(45) A. I would in all probability have known it, as we lived in the same neighborhood and was intimate with the family. CROSS--EXAMINATION. 1st Q. You have referred in your direct examination to Mrs. Matilda Denson as the owner of Nancy Denson, please state if you can whether Mrs. Matilda Denson died before John Denson or afterwards? A. Mrs. Matilda Denson died about two years before, he died 2d. Q. Where did John Denson live after the death of his mother? A. After the death of his mother he stayed up here a while with his grandfather, old man Jack Cherry, and just before the old man died he moved to Portsmouth. 3d. Q. When did Nancy Denson leave the neighborhood? A. She left the neighborhood after John Denson married. 4th. Q. Did you ever know a colored man by the name of George Joiner? A. No Sir I never did. 5th. Q. Did John Denson manage a farm at any time while you knew him? A. No, Sir. 8th. Q. Did you ever know a colored man by the name of Sam Dyes who lived with or belonged to Mr. Martin Ballintine? A. Yes, Sir but they called him Sam Ballintine. 7th. Q. Did you ever know a colored man by the name of Sandy Cherry who belonged to Martin Ballintine? A. Yes, Sir. 8th. Q. In your direct examination you have spoken of Sam Culpepper as the husband of Nancy Denson, do you know what became of him? A. He was sold by his master and I never saw him afterwards. 10th Q. How long was Sam Culpepper sold before Nancy Denson left this neighborhood? A. That is hard to tell. He was sold right smatt time before