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(39) 14th. Q. What was the name of your husband? A. Sam Dyes. 15th. Q. Is he the man who testified as a witness in this suit. A. I don't know of my own knowledge but am so informed. 16th. Q. are you living as man and wife now? A. No. 17th. Q. Did he leave you? Question objected to by attorney for plaintiff because the answer sought to be elisited is not pertinent to the inquiry. A. Yes. 18th. Q. When did he desert you. A. Second year after the war ended. 19th. Q. Has he another wife now? A. Yes. 20th. Q. All the time you lived on the Ballintine farm it was as the wife of Sam Dyes was it not? A. Yes. I was a free woman and he belonged to Martin Ballintine. Cross- Examination 1st. Q. When did you move from Julian's Creek and where di you go? A. I moved from there in the year 1863 and moved to Portsmouth, Va. 2d. Q. How do you know it was in the year 1863? A. Because it was the year my husband inlisted in the war that year and stayed three years. 3d Q. You have stated in your direct examination that you knew a woman named Nancy Denson, with whom did she live during the time that you knew her? A. She lived with her owner, John Denson. 4th. Q. Where did John Denson live and how far was it from where you lived? A. It was between two and three miles from where I lived, he lived across the canal somewhere down toward the creek. 5th. Q. Did you ever visit his place? A. Yes I worked there and that is how I came to know anything