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(42) 8th. Q. Had you ever heard that he had any other wife? A. I had not not until this claim was put foward. 9th. Q. Did you have the house and lot on Stonewall street repaired and rebuilt some time after you married the widow of George Joiner? A. Yes. 10th. Q. What did the improvements cost you? A. The first improvement cost me five hundred and sixty dollars and then I had some additional painting done amounting in the total to about six hundred dollars. 17th. Q. Would you have made those improvements if you had supposed that George Joiner the palintiff had any interest in the property? A. No. CROss-Examination 1stQ. When were the first improvements made on the property by you? A. I think it was in the year 1886. 2d. Q. Who owned the property at that time? A. I supposed it belonged to my wife and her son as she was in possession. 3d. Q. Then you did not take the trouble to find out who was the legal owner at the time you put the improvements there? A. No, because I understood that the will was for my wife and the boy and I centered on that. 4th. Q. Did you have the will examined? A. No, I knew lawyer Cassell had it put on record. 5th. Q. Did you know the contents of the will? A. I know how it read, a portion of it. 6th. Q. Did you have a legal opinion as to the construction that would be put upon it? A. No. 7th. Q. Did you not know that George Joiner the plaintiff