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a commissioner of the Water Works 2 Question Please state, if you are acquainted with the cemetary lots in controversy, and, if so how long you have known them? Ans. I know the lots and have known them ever since 1865-6. 3d Quest. Did you know anything about them before the war. Ans. Oh yes sir 4th. How long before the war were you acquainted with these lots Ans. I ahve been acquainted with these since 1818-'19-'20 and along there. As a little boy I have played upon the Grim lot, when it belonged to Grim. 5th Who has had possession of the "Marsh lots" and claimed little to it since you have been acquainted with it. Ans. Excepted to ac incluvent & otherwise illegal The colored people of the Methodist Church has had possession of it, had control of it, been under the control of the trustees & stewards, of the colored