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19 28 division in it into lots only knew it as the cemetery. 7th State what church Lyle Grim is a member of also Henry Kinzer, James Hox & Z M Grim & yourself? We all belong to the Methodist Church except Z M Grim I do not know what Church Z. M Grim belongs to. 8th Is it not the fact that no Methodist church can hold property as such, if not how is the property held for it? Ans. I do not know anything about that. Reexamination Quest. Excepted as improper on re examination & otherwise illegal & leading In answer to 6th X Quest you state "I only knew it as the Cemetery", as whose Cemetery did you know it. Ans. The Methodist Further this deponent saith not. Atwell Shell X his mark Teste J P Whitacre Witness 50 cts