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May 1st 29 No other witnesses appearing the further taking of these depositions is continued until May 1st 1885 at the same place between the same hours. J. P. Whitacre Commr. Commissioners office Winchester Va May 1st 1885 The taking of the depositions resumed pursuant to the adjournment April 30 '85 & taken between the hours of 9 AM & 6 PM Present J. W. Harrison for Plff & Wm R Alexander for St. Geo Tucker Grim a witness of lawful age being duly sworn deposes and says State your name age residence & occupation Ans. my occupation Cabinet Maker & age 63 years residence Winchester Va. Where I have resided sixty three years name St. Geo Tucker Grim 2 Quest. by Counsel for plff Are you acquainted with the Cemetery lots in controversy in this suit? Ans. I know the lost both of them