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27 [knowl]edge for I knew all of these old colored men & I was party raised on that end of town. I was attached to that church for about 36 years that is I was a member of the Methodist Church never knew any thing to the contrary until here lately when this thing the fuss about the new Committee commenced, that is all I know about it. 3d Then all you know about who these lots belong to is what you have said in your last answer is it not? Ans. Yes sir 4th You dont know who purchased & paid for these lots do you? Ans. No sir only by hearsay among the members of the church. 5th Do you know that the Marshall lot was deeded to the Mayor & Common Council of Winchester by Mr Marshall? Ans. No sir. 6th Was not both the Marshall & Grim lots that is the entire colored cemetery held & claimed in the same way by the colored people? Ans. Yes sir all the burial ground I did not know that there was any