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38 with Mr. Abram Milton about the purchase of the Grim lot Excepted to as irelevent & illegal by same Ans. He has told me that he was the one who bought the lot for the Colored Methodist Grave yard. Quest. same by same What position if any does Robert Orrick, William Parks, Peter Breckinridge, Harvey Alexander, Cornelius Robinson, Alfred Morton hold in the Methodist Church Ans. Well Harvey Alexander belongs to the Methodist Church, Cornelius Robinson does not his family belongs and he attends. Alfred Morton is not himself a member of the Church. Peter Breckenridge is an attendant of the Church and his wife belongs to it. William Parks belongs to the Church. I do not know what position he holds. Robert Orrick is a trustee of the Church, belongs to the Church and is a minister of it. I do not hold any position in the Church. I used to be a trustee which I held for a year. I attended the church and all my family