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of the Valley Turnpike, being the property that formerly belong to John Fagan and known as an "out lot" and bounded as follows, according to a survey made August 31, 1883 by E. S. Baker, beginning at a Stake on the East side of said road (turnpike) and the South Side of Southwack Street, thence with said road S 50 1/4 W. 35-5 poles to a Stake corner to Orrick, thence with his livies S 34 1/2 E 15 poles, thence N 53 3/4 E 6.8 poles, thence S 44. E6.84 poles, thence continuing with said Orrick and the colored peoples burying ground N 31 1/2 E 38 poles to the South side of said Southwack Street, thence therewith N 70 1/2 W 11.76 poles to the beginning containing four acres and 8 perches. Whereas by deed of trust dated July 10, 1883 the said Margaret T Fagan did convey said lot unto Dorsey Waller in trust to secure to Theodore Windle the payment of the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars and interest, which deed of trust is recorded in the Clerk's Office of the County Court of Frederick County Virginia in