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Deed Book No 99 page 131 and whereas said debt has been paid in full, as is evidenced by the signature of said Theodore C Windle to this deed, therefore in consideration of the premises and by direction of said Margaret Fagan, the said Dorsey Walter Trustee doth grant and release unto the said Robert Orrick the aforesaid piece or parcel of land free and discharged of the said deed of trust. This deed and the deed of Trust securing the aforesaid deferred payment to be treated as facts of one and the same transaction. Witness the following signatures and seals. Margaret T. Fagan {Seal} T. C. Windle {Seal} Dorsey Walter, Trustee {Seal}

State of Virginia Frederick County} to wit I, D. H. Beagonier a Commissioner in Chancery for the Circuit Court of Frederick County Virginia do certify that Margaret T Fagan, T C Windle & Dorsey Walter trustee