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by me, I hereby grant to said applicants a charter of incorporation upon terms set forth in said certificate and as modified by the provision hereinafter set forth First Robert Orrick, Robert Webb, Alfred Morton, Cornelius Robinson, Harvey Alexander, William Parks and Peter Breckinridge and their successors and such other persons as they may associate with them by their constitution as hereinafter refered to are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate under the name and style of the Fairfax Colored Cemetery association and by this name and style shall have all the general powers, and be subject to all the general restrictions provided by the Code of Virginia or that may have been heretofore or may hereafter be enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia in regard to such body politic and corporate so farr as the same may be applicable to such an association, Second the object and purpose of the association shall be to take charge of manage and control all property heretofore bought or dedicated as a burial ground for the colored people of Winchester City of Frederick County to raise funds by collection or otherwise for the purpose of the proper management of the said property or for the purpose of acquiring other ground & land or property to meet the necessity and requisites of their organization so that all the property in the form of Real Estate so held shall not exceeding six acres and to invest and disburse within their discretion