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such funds as they may in any way acquire for these purposes and for the purpose of acquiring suitable ground for the burial of the bodies of the colored race that occasion may render proper to be burried under their charge and to adorn and care for the said ground and to provide laws and rules for its regulation and control. Third In promotion of their purposes the Corporation may acquire and hold real estate not exceeding six acres in area and my provide rules and regulations for its conveyance not in conflict with the laws of the land in like manner it may also acquire personal estate money &c not exceeding an aggregate value of twenty thousand dollars at any one time and dispose of the same as in their discretion may best subserve the interest of their organization the property so held real of personal shall not shall not be liable for the individual debts of any corporator. Fourth In further promotion of their object, the corporation is authorized to draw up for itself a constitution wherein shall be provided the manner and the times of the election of officers and supplying vacancies in their corporation occuring by death resignation or removal of its present members from the City or County or of associating new members in this association