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The Commonwealth of Virginia To the Sergeant of the City of Winchester Greeting: You are hereby commanded to summon H Lovett, Chas Brown, Isaack Jackson, Wm Evans, Thos Moss, Wm Jennings, Ed Holmes, John Strange, Chas H Gwin, Hunter Gwin, Frank Gwin, Elizabeth Lillis, wife of Pat Lillis, Geo W Gwin & Patrick Lillis to appear at the Clerk's Office of the Corporation Court of the City of Winchester, at Rules to be held in the said Office on the first Monday in July next to answer an original and on amended Bill in Chancery exhibited against them in said Court by the Fairfax Colored Cemetery Association and this shall in no wise omit, and have then there this writ. Witness: J. R. Carson, Clerk of our said Court, at the Court House thereof 7 day of Jany 1885, and in the 109 year of the Commonwealth. A Copy Teste: J. R. Carson Clerk