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Harrison pq [page torn] ry Col. Cemty Asso vs City of Winchester & al } Spa Injunction to July Rules To the Clerk of the Corporation Court of the City of Winchester An injunction is granted against the City of Winchester Hutton Lovett Charles Brown Isaac Jackson William Evans Thomas Moss William Jennings Edward Holmes John Strange as prayed for in the within Bill upon the Complainants or some one of them giving Bond with good security in the penalty of $100 conditioned according to Law 31 Dec 1884 W. L Clark Judge C.C.W. A Copy Teste J . R. Carsen Clerk Bond as required in above order has been duly executed. J. R. Carsen Clerk

Executed by delivering copy of the within to John J Williams Mayor of the City of Winchester in his office in the City of Winchester at 20 minutes past 5 o'clock 7th of January 1885 John A Creb C.S. Executed by delivering a copy of within to wife of Hunter Grim, explaining purport of it to her, he being absent from his usual place of abode and she being a member of his family over the age of sixteen years. John A Creb C.S. Executed on Michael Lillis the husband of Elizabeth Lillis in person 8th Jany 1885 John A Creb C.S. Executed in person on the other defendants 8th Jany 1885 John A Creb C.S.