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Rebecca Williams is the lawful widow of the said james williams, & as s is entitled to dover in anuy real-estate and to her [distributive?] shall in any hers and estate of which the said james williams died siezed and has [sealed?] and now having truly answered the complaint and to bill there [respondant?] pray hence [are?] dismissed with this reasonable calls is their what expended and they will [ruel?] play Virginia elizabeth city county to wit this day personally appeared before we a holary public in and you the said county and state [tha dew?] williams and rebecca williams when made oath that all the allegations in the [peregainy?] bill stated as coming william [illegible] awee knowlegde they know to be true and all aftertesting whom the knowledge as in [formation?] of others be believe to be there oliver wudel my land this 4th day of april a D 1879 heo burden [wulany?] public.