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And the defendant Thadeus williams denies that a considerable personal estate belonging to the decedent james williams even came as by due diligence might have come into the hands as the personal representative of the said james williams as in alleged in the said plain-tiffs bill of complaint as the court and the allges that the said decedent died possessed of but little personal [trutherly?] of any description and that. this said as-courts as such personal sethus eslative is now before one of the commisioners of this court the settlement and the said rebecca williams further an-swering says that she and the said james williams were lawfully married in the year 1866 that the marriage between them was submerged within this state according to the laws thereof that she and the said james williams co-haubiled and lived together as man and wife from the period of their said marriage until the death of the said james williams that the said annie is the lawful + and offspring of said marriage + is the heir at law of the said james williams decid and that the the said