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Mary Susan Williams Pltf. V Thadeus williams admr of James williams dee? Rebecca Marren sometimes called rebecca williams and annie [marrer?] sometimes called annie williams an without debt [illegible]

hearing that the plaintiff has [carefully?] proceeded at the rules to have his bill liken for confessed and let for hear-ing as to the defendant [thadeus?] [unil-leius?] admr of james williams deceased the cause came on this day to be heard when the [illegible] to [illegible-] for confessed and was argued by counsel: in consideration where- at the court doeth adjudge order and decree that me of thee[commisionary?] of this court take and [reile?] and account of the [hausading?] of the said thadeus williams as the admire [ishalen of james williams deceased and make refund to the court said [communion?] will return in his refund any neather he was deem [illegible] or which may be [seguine?] to the special estate and it appearing [hint?] [etem?]