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executor of James Bruce dec'd. upon each of these bonds, and Henry Terry (having paid the whole or a portion of said Judgements) upon Motion on ten days notice recovered Judgement against your respondent in the Circuit Superior Court of Halifax County for such portion of said payment of the larger debt aforesaid as your respondent would be liable for as Joint security with said Henry Terry for said Thomas McCargo. There was also a motion by said Henry Terry on the smaller bond above mentioned alledging that the was only a joint security with your respondent for said McCargo. Your respondent at the time of entering into the bonds aforesaid believed and still believes that Henry Terry was in partnership with said McCargo for the purchase and sale of Negroes and never would have gone security for said McCargo but for that belief. The said Henry Terry did not your respondent supposes wish it generally known that he was a partner of said McCargo; And as the said McCargo (who was throughout the acting and ostensible manager of the whole business) became involved in difficulties he became still more anxious to conceal his participation in the liabilities of the said McCargo. This respondent on the trial of the motion aforesaid endeavoured to prove that the said Henry Terry was a partner and liable as a principal obligor on the bond aforesaid but failed to do so in consequence of the shortness of the time allowed on a