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Terry vs Taylor &c } This cause came on this day to be further heard upon the papers formerly read and upon the report of William T. Ballow Com'r filed in the cause showing a balance in his hands on the 21st day of October 1858 of $257.76 upon the petition of William Bailey claiming a debt due him under an order of the defendant Paul Taylor and upon the answer of the said Paul Taylor to said petition and by consent of parties for the purpose of correcting errors recently discovered in the calculations heretofore reported as to the amt of debts due the creditors reported to be paid by the trustee as aforesaid and was argued by counsel. On consideration whereof and upon examination of the report previously made by said Com'r. the Court being satisfied that the parties James young & co have received from William T. Ballow the Com'r. in this cause the sum of $38.40 over and above the debt and interest due them - that James Young adm'r with the will annexed of William B. Jeffress dec'd. has in like manner received the sum of $6.37 over & above the debt due him as adm'r. as aforesaid. And that Sarah Terry administratrix of Henry Terry dec'd. hath received sixty five dollars & 72 cents ($65.72) less than the amt properly due her. The Court for the purpose of correcting amongst other things the errors in the decree made at the October term of this Court in the year 1858 founded upon the report aforesaid which are apparent upon an inspection of said report - doth adjudge order and