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Terry;s Adm'r. vs Taylor &c } This cause came on to be further heard on the papers formerly read and the report of William T. Ballow made in pursuance of the order of October term 1858, and was argued by Counsel: On consideration whereof, the Court approving the said report to which there is no exception, doth adjudge order and decree that William T. Ballow who is appointed Commissioner for that purpose do collect the bond given for the proceeds of the sale of the property in the proceedings mentioned when the same shall become due, and make report thereof to this Court. And for that purpose the Clerk of this Court is directed to deliver to the said William T. Ballow the bond aforesaid, retaining a copy thereof to be filed with the papers in this cause. But the said William T. Ballow, before the said bond shall be delivered to him, shall execute bond to the Commonwealth of Virginia with ample security in a penalty double the amount of the bond to be collected