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Know all men by these presents, that I G Slaughter of Nelson County for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear to my sister Frances Farrar formerly Frances Slaughter and her children, and being anxious to secure to them some property for their sole and exclusive benefit as well as for the further consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid by Charles Flood who is hereby appointed trustee at or before the sealing and [delering] of these presents, hath given and granted and by these presents doth give and grant unto the said Flood Two negroes Lindsey and Salley and also all estate, right, and title whatsoever both at law & equity, which I have in the said negroes To have and t hold the said property to him the said Flood upon trust and for the benefit of Frances Farrar for her separate use, during her life and after her death to be held by the said Flood (or in the event of his death by some fit person who shall be appointed by the Court for the children of the said Francis Farrar, who may be living at that time, and the said Flood hire out the said Negroes from year to year and pay over the hire when collected into the hands of Frances Farrar for her own use and take a receipt from her which shall be a discharge to the Flood and after the death of the said Flood the Court of that County in which the parties or some of them reside, Shall appoint a person to perform the duties prescribed to the said Flood as above recited and to do any act which shall be promotive of the said Frances Farrar's interest while alive and the interest of her children after her death, and the said G Slaughter for herself her exors and admrs the said negroes unto the said Flood Trustee will warrent and defend against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th day of March 1825. G. Slaughter {Seal} Witness James J. Blue F. Slaughter Pleas. Molloy