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Know all men by these presents that I Griswell C Slaughter of Nelson County in consideration of love and affection, I leave for my sister Frances L Farrar and her two children Francis A Farrar and Thomas W Farrar, have given, granted and bargained and sole by these presents, do give, grant, bargain and sell unto Chas Flood, who I hereby appoint trustee for purposes hereafter mentioned four negroes viz. Lindsey, Coleman, Sally & Jane to have to to hold the said negroes aforesaid, with their increase to him the said Flood trustee, in trust to hire out the said negroes from year to year during the life of the said Frances L. Farrar, at the expiration of each year, or as soon as the hire is collected, to pay over the money into the hands of Frances L Farrar, for her separate use or so long as she shall live, and at the end of each year upon the payment of the said hire the said Frances L Farrar shall give the said Flood trustee a receipt which will discharge him & after the death of the said Frances L Farrar the said Flood trustee shall deliver over unto the guardian of the said Frances L Farrar's children all the property, debts & money which he may have in hands by virtue of this trusteeship, which property and &c is to be equally divided between the children, who may be living at the time of her the said Frances L Farrar's death & if the said property is not susceptible of a division the guardian is authorized to sell said property and divide the proceeds whenever he may be required by the parties interested & the said G C Slaughter for herself her heirs &c will warrant and defend the title to said negroes against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever. In witness whereof I have set my hand & seal this 2nd day of March 1825 } G. C. Slaughter {Seal} Witness x James Spencer Jr. x Nelson Smith x George L Shrader