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To the Honorable Lucas P. Th [illegible} sons judge - of the Circuit Court for the County of Nelson.

Your oratrix Frances L. Farrar your oratorJames L. Farrian [?] humbly complaining respectfully plea[?] [illegible] your Honor that in this year 1825 Gripell[?] C. [illegible], sometimes styled Gripell [?] [illegible] of the County of Nelson conveyed by two deeds to one Charles Flood trustee certain slaves the profit of which should be enjoyed by your oratrix during her life at her death death the property remaining should be divided among the children of your oratrix. The object and purpose of both deeds being to provide for your oratrix during life a reasonable support, and at her death to pass[?] to her children a small[?] property share and share alike. All which will more fully appear from office copies of said deeds, [illegible][illegible][illegible] of registration in this County of Nelson herewith filed [illegible] a as a part of this bill.

Your oratrix and orator represent that many years since Charles Flood the trustee named in said deeds of trust [illegible] to the [illegible] where he died leaving this little estate without a trustee. the children of your oratrix acting as quasi trustees, until the action of her two sons Francis N. Farrar and Thomas H. Farrar has been so much at war with her rights[?] and interests as to compel her to resort to the court for present relief and ultimate protection.