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Your oratrix and orators represent that since the creation of the trusts the trust subjects has greatly depreciated in value Sally & Coleman have died Lindsay is an old man of little work Jane & her children Lizzy &c were all that remained. This being so in year 1848 Francis N Farrar & Thomas H Farrar took the slaves Jane & Lizzy to the City of Richmond & sold them in the slave market to persons unknown, received the money appropriated it to their own purposes. With a portion of this money arising from said sale they purchased a boy Coleman who is in the possession of your oratrix, and whom she holds simply by sufferances. Your oratrix is advised that the action of her said sons was in derogations of her rights she being entitled to the profits of the estate during her life and in derogation of the rights of your orator he being entitled to a share of the remainder. Your oratror & oratrix represent that Thomas H Farrar is [illegible] and hopelessly insolvent; that the means of Francis N Farrar are exceedingly limited and that he may become insolvent at any time. Flood is dead in whom the legal title resides to said slaves, the slaves sold are unaccessible any recovery which could be had at law would be a [money] [illegible] & probably unavailing. They are advised that as they are remediless at law a court of Equity will afford them adequate and [remedial] relief by appointing suitable trustees to take charge of the remaining property that the slave Coleman being purchased by a portion of the original trust subjects may be [illegible] to constitute a part of said subject; and that a [illegible] decree may be had against Thomas H Farrar and Francis N Farrar for the differences between the value of Coleman & this aggregate value of Jane & LIzzy. The children of your oratrix and your orator James S Farrar, Francis N Farrar, Thomas H. Farrar, Lucy Jane Farrar, Charles S Farrar, & George Peter Farrar the said George Peter Farrar being an infant and all of whom except Jas S Francis N & Thomas H are dependents on this little trust estate. In consideration of the premises may it please the Court to cause Francis N Farrar, Thomas H Farrar, Charles S Farrar, George Peter Farrar ^Lucy Jane Farrar^ to be made parties defendants to this bill & compelled on oaths to answer all and singular it allegations that Thomas H Farrar & Francis N Farrar may be compelled to state at what price the sold Jane & Lizzy, ^illegible]^ remained in their hands after deducting the price of Coleman, that they may be decreed to pay over that sum & to deliver up Coleman to such trustee as the Court may appoint that the Court will appoint some [accountable] trustee who will guard & protect the trust subject & pray it pleases the Court to make