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Farrar &c v Farrar & others } Decree This cause came on again to be heard afore the papers formerly read and a compromise agreement made between the parties and was argued by counsel on consideration whereof the court doth adjudge order & decree that Joel Fortune be & he is hereby appointed a commissioner & receive who after giving reasonable notice of the true terms & place of sale shall sell at Lovingston on same court day the slave Samuel in the proceedings mentioned on a credit of Four months taking negotiable note satisfactorily endorsed from the purchaser that he shall proceed to collect the debt vs Wm H Estes admr and the debt due for the hire of Samuel the present year from A Rives & that out of the proceeds thereof he pay the Physicians Bills & Burial expenses of Frances L Farrar & Geo P Farrar the costs of the suit of both Pltffs & Defts not including attornees fees also that he pay to F N Farrer the sum of One Hundred dollars as of this day and that he divide the balance of said proceed equally among the children of said F L Farrer now living or their representatives to wit to F N Farrar 1/5 part thereof to Thos H Farrar 1/5 part thereof to Jas Farrar 1/5 part thereof to Charles S Farrar 1/5 part thereof and that he return for himself in right of his wife who was Lucy Jane Farrar the remaining 1/55 part thereof not deducting therefor any commissions for sale collection or distribution. But the said Comr Joel Fortune is not to take the benefit of this decree until he shall have given bon with sufficient security in the penalty of $3000 payable to the commwth of Va on dentinue to account for & pay over the proceeds aforesaid to the parties entitled under this decree.