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Farrar &c v Farrar & others } Decree This cause came on again to be heard afore the papers formerly read and a compromise agreement made between the parties and was argued by counsel on consideration whereof the court doth adjudge order & decree that Joel Fortune be & he is hereby appionted a commissioner & receive who after giving reasonable notice of the true terms & place of sale shall sell at Lovingston on same court day the slave Samuel in the proceedings mentioned on a credit of Four months taking negotiable note satisfactorily endorsed from the purchaser that he shall proceed to collect the debt vs Wm H Estes admr and the debt due for the hire of Samuel the present year from A Rives & that out of the proceeds thereof he pay the Physicians Bills & Burial expenses of Frances L Farrar & Geo P Farrar the costs of the suit of both Pltffs & Defts not including attornees fee