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collect the same, but before the said Cabell shall withdraw said note from the cause he shall execute in the Clerks office a bond with good security in the penalty of $500 with the usual condition of a receivers bond. & by the consent of the parties both pltiffs and defendants by Counsel the Court doth adjudge order & decree that Thos Whitehead & Wm M Cabell who are hereby appointed commrs for that purpose do after giving 30 days notice of this term time & place of sale & by advertisements in the Lynchburg Virginian By notices posted at Nelson C.H. proceed on some Court day on the stile in front of the C H by way of public auction to sell the negro Samuel who constitutes a part of the subject [unplesaded?] in this cause for so much cash as will defray the expenses of sales & the residue on a of six months taking from the purchaser a negotiable note satisfactorily endorsed payable at one of the banks in Lynchburg reports their action to the Court.