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and personal estate of the said Molly James deceased. This defendant says he is the legitimate child of the said Spencer Blue by one colored woman named Letty, both Spencer and Letty were slaves of James H Costin before the late civil war, at whose place of residence in said County they resided for many years before said war, and there for many years before said war cohabited as man and wife and continued so to cohabit until the year 1862, when they separated. This defendant says that he was born during the year 1855 at the residence on plantation of James H. Costin and that he was always recognized (before ^during and since the said war) from his birth to the time of the death of the said Stephen Blue as his child by the said woman Letty. This defendant having answer so much of the complainants bill as he is advised is material for him to answer, prays to be hence dismissed with his reasonable [crts?].

John Blue by J Spady, his atty.