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George Blue and Georgianna Blue his wife, Plaintiffs vs. Abel Spady and Sarah, his wife, Jacob Spady and Rachel, his wife, Polly Joynes, Ollie Banks and Ellen, his wife, Sarah Blue, John Blue, Robert S. Trower, administrator of Mollie James, deceased, Nelson Spady and others, made parties defendant to the bill this suit as unknown parties, Defendants. } In Chancery

This cause, in which the plaintiffs have proceeded against the unknown heirs-at-law and distributees of Mollie James, deceased, in the mode prescribed by law against unknown defendants, came on this day to be heard, on the bill, which has been taken for confessed as to all the defendants, and the exhibits therewith filed, and was argued by counsel: On consideration whereof, the court doth adjudge, order and decree that this cause be referred to one of the Master Commissioners of this court, who shall inquire and report: 1st. An account of all property, real and personal, or mixed, left by said Mollie James, deceased, stating the character and value of all personally, and the location, character and value, fee-simple and annual, of all real estate. 2nd. An account of all debts and demands against the estate of said Mollie James, deceased, show-