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ing the amounts and priorities and to whom coming. 3rd. An account of the transactions of Robert S. Trower as administrator of said decedent, showing what balance, if any, is due by him to the estate. 4th Who are the heirs-at-law and distributees of Mollie James, deceased, and whether they are all properly before the court. 5th. Whether the real property in the bill mentioned can be conveniently divided in kind between the several parties entitled to share therein; 6th If the same cannot by conveniently divided in kind whether any party will take the entire property and pay therefor to the other parties such sum of money as their interests therein may entitle them to. 7th And if the same cannot be conveniently divided in kind and if no party will take the entire property and pay the others for their shares, whether the interests of those who are entitled to the said property or its proceeds will be promoted by a sale of the entire property or by the allotment of part and sale of the residue. 8th Any other matter deemed pertinent by the commissioner or required by any party to be specially stated. But before executing this decree the Commissioner shall publish once a week for four successive weeks in some newspaper published in the county of Northampton, Virginia, stating the time and place fixed upon by him for making inquiries and such pub