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George Blue & wife vs. Sarah Blue & als.} In Chancery This cause came on this day to be again heard upon the papers formerly read, upon the answer of John Blue filed on the 18th day of April, A. D. 1894 by leave of court to which answer the plaintiffs by counsel replied generally, and upon the report of Master Commissioner, John L. Dalby, filed on the 22nd day of March, A. D. 1894, to which ansr the depositions of William Graham, Arthur Booker and others filed with said report, to which said report no exceptions have been taken and was argued by counsel : On consideration whereof the court doth adjudge, order and decree that the said report be and the same hereby is ratified and confirmed. And it is further adjudged, ordered and decreed that Otho F. Mears, who is hereby appointed a Special Commissioner for the purpose, do, after at least twenty days' previous notice of the time, terms and place of sale shall have been given by advertisements posted at the front door of the Courthouse in Eastville, and at three or more public places in the neighborhood of