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him, and possession of the premises to be given him on the 1st day of January, A.D. 1895, if the terms of sale shall have been complied with, the rents and profits for the present year to be reserved for the benefit of the parties entitled to receive the same, and the taxes and levies for the present year to be paid by the parties receiving the rent, and upon payment of the whole purchase money and confirmation of sale by the Court, the purchaser shall be entitled to a conveyance of the premises by deed with special warranty of title, upon the same, properly prepared at the purchaser's expense, being tendered to the said Special Commissioner for execution. But before the said Special Commissioner shall receive any money, or proceed to act under this decree, he shall, either before this court or its clerk in his office, enter into and acknowledge a bond in the penalty of $2000.00, with surety to be approved by this court or its clerk, payable to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties