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as such special commissioner under this or any subsequent decree which may be rendered in this cause. And it further appearing to the court from said report of said Master Commissioner that there is in the hands of Robert S. Trower, administrator of Mollie James, dec'd. the sum of $855.20 of which $820.93 is principal and $34.27 is interest, it is adjudged, ordered and decreed that the said Robert S. Trower, admr., do out of said sum in his hands, pay the costs and expenses of this suit to this time to be taxed by the clerk, and the balance then remaining he do pay one half thereof to John Blue or E.J. Spady, his attorney, and the other half thereof he do pay to George Blue or Otho F. Mears, his attorney. And the said Robert S. Trower, administrator as aforesaid, and the said Otho F. Mears, Special Commissioner shall make report of their proceedings under this decree. And all further questions are reserved &c.