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Ques When did they cease to cohabit as man & wife. Ans. About 1862. Ques Did Spencer & Lettie have any children Ans. Yes. one child. Ques What was his name? Ans. named John, the same as is now called John Blue Ques Is he living? Ans He was living last summer and as far as I know is living now. Ques Did Spencer recognize in his life time, John Blue as his child. Ans. Yes, he recognized John Blue as his child and carried him with him when he went to the said war. Ques At what place did said Spencer and Lettie cohabit as man and wife? Ans. In the kitchen, at my father's house. Ques Where was John Blue born. Ans. He was born at my father's farm, where my father lived, near Eastville in this county. Ques. About how old is John Blue? Ans. He was born on the 8th day of July 1855 Ques You say that Spencer cohabited with Lettie for about 15 years, next