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before the said war, as man and wife except a short time can you say about what length of time? Ans. I should say a year or two. Ques. Do you know what woman if any it was he cohabited with during the said short time. Ans. I do not know. Ques Did he return to Lettie, after the said year or two and again cohabit with her as man and wife. Ans He did. Ques. Please state if you know, whether said Spencer, named in the bill asspencer Blue, ever cohabited as man and wife, with Flora the mother of Ellen Banks, wife of Ollie Banks, and Sarah Blue, two of the parties named in the Plaintiffs bill. Ans. Not to my knowledge. Ques. You say that said Spencer ceased to Cohabit with the said Lettie, about the year 1862, who did he then cohabit with. A Woman named Harriett which belonged to my father.