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Did he cohabit with said Harriett as man and wife. Ans. He did, they cohabited together at Oak Grove, where my brother Elison Costin lived. Ques Did they have any children? Ans Yes; one child. Ques What was his name? Ans. Named George--same as George Blue one of the parties named in this suit Ques State as well as you can remember how long they cohabited as man and wife. Ans. I should say for at least 10 years from 1862 to 1872 Ques Did Spencer, during that time, and after the birth of George Blue recognize him as his child? Ans. He did Ques What became of Harriett? Ans. She has been dead, I should say, 15 years. Prior to the 15 years she went North for a short time, afterwards she returned here and died here. Ques Did said Spencer and Harriett cohabit together as man and wife at the time of her death. Ans. I think not, I think at the time of Harriett death he was cohabiting with another woman as man & wife her name was Tamer and she was his wife when he died