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Geo Blue & ux & al vs } In Chany Abel Spady &ux & al The depositions of William Graham & others taken before John L Dalby, Commissioner in Chany for the Circuit Court of Northampton County at the Courthouse of said County in pursuance of notice on this the 20th day of February 1894 between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM of that day to be read in evidence in this cause. Commissioners Office Eastville Feb 20 1894 These depositions not being taken on this day, the further taking thereof has been adjourned by consent of parties to be at same place on Feb 21 1894. John L. Dalby Comr Commissioners Office Eastville Feb 2nd 1894 Wm Graham being first duly sworn deposes and saith as follows. Ques 1. What is your age and place and residence Ans. My age is 54 years place of residence Eastville this county Ques 2. Please state if you know who is the nearest kin to Millie James Decd