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Ans. Her brother Spencer Blue, Ques 3 Please state if you know whether Spencer Blue is dead, and whether or not he died before his sister Mollie Costin Ans. He is dead, and he died before his sister Mollie Costin died. Ques Were you or were you not well acquainted with Spencer Blue. Ans. I was well acquainted with him: Ques Please state if you know who was the legitimate children of Spencer Blue? Ans. When I was first going to Mr. Costins looking for my wife Flora and Lettie were disputing over Spencer, So I did not know which was his wife. for some time I thought Flora was his wife, then it was thought and known that Lettie was his wife. He afterwards gave up Flora, and took Lettie as his wife. And then gave up Lettie and took Harriett as his wife, all this was prior to February 1866. Ques Do you know, or not, that Spencer Blue ever recognized Flora as his wife? Ans. He did not recognize Flora as his wife, I have heard Spencer say so