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all the substantials required for her support and a considerable Surplus, for sale, every Dollar of which was received by said Critcher. You Oratrix further declares that she has good cause to believe and does believe that her whole property and funds are unsafe in the hands of said Critcher - and the recent conduct of said Critcher, and his previous conduct which a late investigation has disclosed as also, from his threats - that Now that her residence is some Seventy five miles from the County of Westmoreland - where all her negroes and other property are, that the said Critcher will sell or cause to be sold some of her Negroes - and in all probability, go off from the Country - as he has but little property, which could be placed beyond the reach of any legal process - and she therefore earnestly pray's that the most summary process may be granted her, to protect her rights and Interests, which are in such Jeopardy. Your Oratrix further states that she is informed and believes that the said Critcher has expended some five hundred dollars of her funds in the purchase of Contingent - and probably remote Interest in Lands in the County of Westmoreland Contrary to her express orders - and this large sum, as she is informed, is charged against her on his a/c - Yet no deeds for said purchase have ever been placed in the Clks office of Westmoreland - and your Oratrix protests against any such charges being allowed in any of the a/cs of the said Critcher. Your Oratrix further charges and the records of Westmoreland will prove that the said Critcher has been in the habit of instituting petty Suits in Chancery, in her name - making extraordinary charges, multiplying depositions - wholly unnecessary - and after, running her to several Hundred dollars expense - charging his fees &c dismissing the Suits - as she Very believes, by collusion's with parties defendants - and it must therefore be apparent, if such charges in his a/cs are allowed, she will be greatly the sufferer. He has also charged in his a/cs as your Oratrix believes & so charges - extraordinary Commissions On the amounts received by him - as high as ten pr cent - for simply recording sums of money from her agent in Richmond, who had previously been paid his commission - making in all some Sixteen to Eighteen pr cent - No property in Virginia will Justify such extraordinary charges. Your Oratrix further represents that finding the conduct of the said Critcher so unaccountable and inexcusable and believing it to be his settled purpose, to deprive her of her only means of Support, and to subject her to the greatest possible mortification and sacrifice - She did on the 3rd day of April after every effort to get her funds, or any