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part of them had failed, publicly revoke all powers ever given to him, as will be seen from the paper marked D and herewith filed and prayed to be taken as a part of this Bill - It will also be seen, from the paper marked E. now filed and prayed to be taken as a part of this Bill - that the instructions given by my present agent John A Parker, to James M Matthews the atty were reasonable and Just and intended to settle all the business in a manner most agreeable and easy to the said Critcher - and these instructions it will be borne in mind were given before any public revokation of his power had been given - His refusal to comply with a proposition so Just is but additional evidence of his purpose to withhold every dollar due your Oratrix until coerced by a Court of Law, or equity - You Honor will see that the said Critcher has no legal right to collect any of the Bonds due, or to fall due and your Oratrix cannot do so by reason of his withholding them from her possession - and it may and probably will turn out that some of the obligors of said Bonds may become insolvent - and if not insolvent refuse to pay the Interest on said Bonds, under the plea that there is no person properly authorised to receive the amts. Your Oratrix therefore most earnestly prays your Honor to grant the Commonwealths Subpoena of Injunction requiring the said John Critcher forwith to deliver up to John A Parker her agent (who has at great inconvenience to himself advanced her a large sum of money and is called immediately to raise a still further sum to prevent her property from being sold). The Bonds shown by his own statement to be in his hands on the 12th day of March 1850, and the amt paid him by Hill since 1st Jany as pr Hills letter- and not included in said Critchers statement - These two amounts as will be seen due about three Thousand Dollars (3,000$) - and their immediate delivery cannot interfere with the settlement of his previous a/c. Your Oratrix further prays that the said Critcher may be made a defendant hereto and be required to settle a fair and Just a/c before some Commissioner of Your Court - and that he be required to make full answer hereto & to account for the large sums rec'd by him from John A Parker and the admr of the late Carter Mitchell - the various large sums rec'd by him of Rich'd Hill - the sums annually rec'd for hires of Negroes, Rents of Land & sale of produce and that he be required to substitute for the three Negroes sold by him without authority - Viz Jerry Octavia & Paul - Three Negroes of equal value - the said Critcher professes to have