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To the Hon'l. John T. Lomax Judge of the Circuit Superior Court of Law, for the County of Westmoreland. Your Oratrix Julia L. Bailey late of the County of Westmoreland, but now of the County of Henrico, Respectfully represents, That about the 1st day of February 1846, her former agent John A. Parker placed in the hands of John Critcher Jr. of Westmoreland, Bonds and a/cs [accounts] due her amounting to the sum of one thousand and seventy five dollars (1075)$ and about the 20th July 1846, the said Parker placed in the hands of the said Critcher a further amount of Bonds and a/c's, due her, of about one thousand one hundred & fifty dollars (1150$) and about the [blank] day of May 1846, the said Critcher recd between three & four hundred dollars from the admr. of the late Carter Mitchell - due her. That during that year 1846, she placed under his management for rent a large landed property, and the following slaves for hire viz, Nelson, Simon, Hiram, Paul Lucy, Robert, Sam, Taylor, George, Steward Humphry Frank, Baltimore, Sydnor, Dick, Andrew, Grandison, Anthoney (Sally, Jerry, Nancy, Charles) Matilda, Edmond, Daniel, Eliza, Henry, Frances, Jane, Judy, Henrietta, James, Tomlin, Sampson, Henry (Levina, Jane, Albert, Mary, Dorsey, Moses, Peter, Harry) Criss Winney, Matilda, Loty and child, Caroline, Charles, Fleet, Fenton, Kizzy [Azy?] Israel, Ludwell, Parker, Susan, Silas, Mary, James, Nancy, Mahala, Milly, Betsy, Silas) Peggy, Norfolk, Elizabeth Juliet, Willis, Bushrod) Maria House Matilda, Henry, Ann - whole number seventy five (the brackets shewing the families) value of said slaves at that time was about seventeen thousand dollars, but at this time would not be less than twenty two thousand dollars. And also the proceeds of her crops, the whole