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amounting annually, as she was often told by the said Critcher to the sum of Sixteen Hundred dollars, and upwards for the years 1846, 1847, 1848 & 1849 and that he is now in possession of the Bonds for the hires of 1850, and also the rent of the land - that he is at this time in possession of her late dwelling, and the land attached there and one of her valuable slaves, named George, that he took possession of her servants after she had left Westmoreland, and given orders that he should go to her present residence and her House and lands, after the latter had been ploughed, and was ready for planting corn, that he took possession of the same, not only without permission, or any authority, but positively against her wishes and orders, and caused her late dwelling to be broken open, after she had locked it up, and brought the Keys away and given orders that the house should not be opened, or disturbed. Your Oratrix further declares, that some time in the month of February, he caused three of her young negroes Viz: Octavia, Paul, & Jenny to be carried off and sold without her Knowledge, or consent, and that he has not made Known to her, not does she Know what he has done with the proceeds, that the said Negroes were young and annually increasing in value, and that the hires would in the course of one or two years exceeded by double the amount of the interest on the sum for which they were probably sold, - even if the principal and interest should ever be accounted for, and it must be obvious to your Honor, that the rights and interests of your Oratrix, has been most shamefully violated. Your Oratrix further states that some time in the year of 1847, a large debt as security for John Critcher Snr. came against the estate of her late husband John Bailey, and about the year 1849, another debt against said estate due to Mrs. E. Newton, also came against said Estate. That Your Oratrix could in no way, be held bound to pay more than one half of the said debts - as the property had been distributed between herself and the heirs of said John Bailey, yet the said Critcher as she is informed, believes and so charges surrendered voluntarily some twenty or thirty of her young and valuable negroes to be sold and sacrificed to pay these heavy debts, without the other parties having contributed any property or money towards paying their half of said debt. By which act, the said Critcher violated her rights and shamefully abused the confidence she had reposed in him. Your Oratrix further represents and declares that some time last fall, she notified the said Critcher, that she designed purchasing a farm as soon as she could find one to suit her, and she should require the large amount of funds in his hands to be in readiness for that purpose. And about the 1st day of March she did make a purchase, and soon after called on said Critcher for a sum sufficient to make the first payment and to meet her immediate and pressing wants - But in place of giving her one dollar for any such purpose, he the said Critcher, made out a paper purporting to give a statement of the balance due her in his hands, which paper is marked A. and herewith filed and prayed to be taken as a part of this bill - and from which it will be seen, that the said Critcher states that the bonds &c were subject to the order of your Oratrix. Finding no effort on the part of said Critch