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of money and property without intending ever to pay to her one dollar or deliver the Bonds and other property, without causing her to be indebted in a long expensive and Vexatious Chancery Suit, and even then might during its pendency, cause her Negroes to be sold, and dispose of her funds, without ever accounting to her for the same. Under any other View, which your Oratrix can take, it [would seem?] to her that he should have been prompted by gratitude to facilitate her in her purchase - after her manifold acts of Kindness to him - after in truth, as Your Oratrix solemnly declares - and which is Known to every neighbour - fed him from her table for years - and made him presents to a large amt- among other articles a Costly Bed and Bedstead - formerly the property of her ancestor's. You Oratrix further states, that from the Year 1846 to the 12th March 1850, she had the most unbounded confidence in the said Critcher and that no person, up to that Time ever Said, or done any thing in her presence to impair that confidence - that she signed any and all papers, the said Critcher ever brought to her to sign without knowing what they contained and he the said Critcher would often tell her he "knew she did not understand the papers, but it was necessary she should sign such, as he desired" - Your Oratrix solemnly declares. that she never did examine any of the a/c [accounts] of said Critcher, or get any person else to do so for her, and that she does not know what his a/c contain, or papers brought to her to sign contain, Yet, she is informed, and believes, and so charges that her signature thus fraudulently obtained, is attached to papers "approving" his a/c's - That she could not properly approve said a/c's, because the said Critcher never had informed her of the large amt placed in his hands by her former agent John A Parker, nor the amount he the said Critcher had rec'd of the admr of the late Carter Mitchell - She did not know until a few months since and then accidentally found that the [two?] large [amts?] had been placed in the hands of the said Critcher by the said John A Parker, nor did she know until within a few day's, that the amt Rec'd by him of the admr of Carter Mitchell had been so received. She supposed the first amts were still in the hands of the said John A Parker and the amt still due to her from the admr of the late Carter Mitchell. Your Oratrix further states, that from the best information she can obtain, the said Critcher has received on her a/c since the Year 1846 a sum of money of [from?] Eight to Ten Thousand Dollars and she believes and so charges, that upon a fair and Just exhibit and settlement of his a/c he will be found in her debt from five to Six Thousand Dollars. That her expenditures since 1846 have been Very inconsiderable having no white person living with her, and making on