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1/ The Answer of John Critcher Jr. to a Bill of Complaint exhibited against him in the Circuit Court for Westmoreland County by Julia L. Bailey. This respondent reserving, &c. answers, That, about July, 1846, for reasons hereafter explained, the Compt transferred the control of her property from John A. Parker to him - that, on the 2d February, 1846, this respondent received of said Parker bonds and accounts due the Compt amounting to $1077.66. See exhibit A, which is a list of said bonds and accounts, in the hand-writing of said Parker - that on the 20th July, 1846, this respondent received of said Parker other bonds and accounts due the Compt, amounting to $ [blank] - See exhibit B, in the handwriting of said John A Parker, which is a list of said bonds and accounts - that, on the 6th June, 1846, this respondent did received of John C. Mitchell, exor of Carter Mitchell, the sum of $326.95: consisting of principal $301.27, Interest $25.68. But this respondent says, the last item received ($326.95) is included in the list here designated as exhibit A. and goes therefore to make up said amount $1077.66 - see last item on said list. See also Jno. C. Mitchell's certificate, marked C. With regard to the first amount received, to wit - $1077.66. This respondent says, on the 31st December, 1846, an account, setting forth the receipt and disbursement of this sum, was exhibited and explained to the Compt. under the following circumstances - Wm. Tasker Weir, nephew of the Compt. was at the time residing in her family and somewhat supervising her affairs. This respondent availed himself of the presence of said Weir to exhibit and explain his accounts to the Compt. The manner in which these accounts were exhibited and explained will be seen by reference to exhibit D, which is a letter from Wm. T. Weir - page 2d. particularly referred to - See also the account itself, bearing date the 31st December, 1846. The bonds and accounts included in the list B were collected and disbursed in the manner more fully set forth in the account signed and approved by