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-er to rase or pay over to her the funds she required - she was compelled to throw herself on the Kindness of others, and borrow the sum needed to make the first payment or to forfeit the purchase of the farm, after she had commenced moving - after several ineffectual efforts, she was enabled to borrow the sum needed, on the faith of the paper marked A. - and to pay it over on the very day on which the forfeiture would have taken place, she then then drew order on said Critcher, for the amt. he said was in his hands, although she knew and held evidence of the fact that another Amount not included in his statement, had a few days before his statement had been made out, been paid to him by R. Hill Jr. of Richmond for the hires of her negroes in Richmond. That evidence is herewith filed, and marked B. and prayed to be taken as a part of this bill - Your Oratrix further states that when first the order was shewn to said Critcher, he signified his willingness to deliver the bonds and pay over the money, and appointed a day for that purpose, that on the day and at the place designated, he was waited on, and that he then refused to pay one dollar, or deliver over the bonds, Except on conditions which were wholly inadmissable - that every effort and every reasonable proposition was made him as will be seen by the paper marked C. now filed and prayed to be taken as a part of this bill. Your Honor will perceive that the pretended grounds of his objections to deliver to her order what he said was in his hands, and "subject to her order" were not only wanton and vexatious, but as she verily believes, and so charges intended to subject her to the greatest possible inconvenience , sacrifice and