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and it must therefore be apparent if such charges in his a/c are allowed, she will be greatly the sufferer. He has also charged in his a/cs as your Oratrix believes & so charge - extraordinary Commissions on the amounts received by him as high as ten per cent - for simply receiving sums of Money from her agent in Richmond who had previously been paid his Commission - making in all some sixteen or eighteen pr cent - No property in Virginia will justify such extraordinary charges. Your Oratrix further represents, that finding the conduct of the said Critcher so unwarrantable and inexcusable, and believing it to be his settled purpose to deprive her of her only means of support, and to subject her to the greatest posible mortification and sacrifice she did on the 5th day of April, after every effort to get her funds, or any part of them had failed, publicly revoked all powers ever given to him as will be seen from the paper marked D. and herewith filed, and prayed to be taken as a part of this bill. It will also be seen from the paper marked E now filed and prayed to be taken as a part of this Bill - that the instructions given by my present agent, John A Parker, to James M. Matthews, the atty: were reasonable and Just, and intended to settle all the business in a manner most agreeable and easy to the said Critcher. And those instructions it will be borne in mind were given before any public revocation of his power had been given, his refusal to comply with a proposition so Just, is but additional evidence of his purpose to withhold every dollar due your