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2/ the compt. on the 31 Dec. 1847 - See account of this date, herewith exhibited. These two accounts were fully explained to the Compt. the vouchers read over to her, and afterwards left at her house till she thought proper to return the account & vouchers approved to this respondent. These were the only sums of money received in 1846 and 1847 for the Compt. except such small sums as the account herewith returned more fully explain. This respondent regrets, therefore, that the compt. should have made oath to the allegation, that this respondent never informed her of the receipt of these funds, and that neither she nor any one per her ever examined these accounts. It must be admitted this respondent did what was well calculated to bring the facts to her knowledge. For, with these funds, he defrayed her expenses and supplied her wants from July '46 to Jan. '48 - he paid Robert H. P. Grubb Sheriff of Westmoreland, about $1300. in satisfaction of an execution which was levied on her household furniture, her carriage & horses, and her entire interest in the negroes - he lent her six hundred dollars, to prevent the selling of her interest in the negroes whilst supposed to be on her death bed from an attack of paralysis and repaid himself out of these funds - and finally he placed her papers in the hands of her favourite nephew who seems from his letter aforesaid to have read them over to the Compt "item by item more than once" till she expressed herself perfectly satisfied. If the Compt. knew any thing of this allegation, or of this suit, this respondent is willing to believe she has mistaken the receipts of 1844 and 1845 for those of '46 and '47. The rents and hires of '44 and '45 were received by the said John A. Parker, and no account of them was ever rendered the Compt or me - of which she often complained. 3/ And this respondent says the rents, hires, and other funds received by him as agent of the Compt. in 1848 were accounted for to the Compt in the same manner explained to her in the same manner, left at her house in the same manner, with the vouchers, &c approved by her in the same manner, as will appear by reference to the account dated Dec. 1848. - So with the receipts of 1849 - See account dated Dec: 1849 - This respondent says, on the occasion of settling several of these accounts he suggested to the Compt to name some individual to settle them for her. But she expressly forbid the shewing of them to any one particularly to certain of her relations - saying, if they knew she had a little money, it would be a greater annoyance to her than the want of it. Occasions, however, did occur for exhibiting these accounts, notwithstanding the injunction. At that time, about April, 1849, the said John A. Parker proposed to borrow $2600.00 of the Compts money, and, that my declining to lend might appear the more reasonable I insisted that he should take my accounts, with the vouchers, and the whole bundle of papers relating to the Compts business, and examine them and explain them to the Compt. remarking that his doing so would be a source of gratification to me. Upon this ground the said Parker took possession of the accounts, vouchers, &c. and a few days afterward came over to the house of the Compt. where he remained a day or two. After his departure, perhaps, ten days thereafter, the accounts, &c. were returned to me by the Compt, and no objection to them made either by the said Parker or the Compt. This respondent further says, that in addition to the publicity